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Hyperlink Exchange Registration
Registration Notices

Our website accepts the registration of all countries' websites with their own domain names.

Before your registration, please put our's hyperlink in your website at a place which is easy to find.

Your website must have at least 5 other Gospel websites' hyperlinks in its Link Page.
We accept the registration of commercial websites (including companies of all sizes).

We do not accept the registration of subordinate webpages, e.g. the informal, free-storage webpages under Blogger or GeoCities.

No personal website's registration is accepted.

Every website can only be registered once.

If we find any incorrect / misleading information in registered website (e.g. the contents, its belief, the corresponding person's / organization's professional ethics), we will reserve the rights to delete its registration without any explanation. This policy will be executed seriously. We hereby apologize for any resulted inconvenience!

Please fill in below registration form in English.

Our webmaster has the rights to reject any registration.
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Registration Form

Where does your website come from?
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Africa America Asia Europe Oceania
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The country and city:
(Canada, Ottawa ; China, Beijing)
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The direct webpage in your website with's hyperlink:
  If your website uses Flash technology without any direct webpage, please add the English word 'Link' to your link page so that other countries' people can go to it easily!
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Which classification does your website belong to?
Gospel website with Christian Business Directory
Businessmen Fellowship website
Commercial website
Gospel website
Church website
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What is the name of your organization?
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